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  • Ways to teach… The Start of A-Level Physics (16+)

    Ways to teach… The Start of A-Level Physics (16+)

    Thomas and Robin return after an extended break, inspired by a Tweet from Ruth Cheesman, who joins us to ask for tips to get started with her A-level class this week (good luck Ruth!). We also welcome Sarah Dowd to help answer Ruth’s query, Sarah teaches at UNIS in New York and joins to share…

  • Ways to Teach… Space

    Ways to Teach… Space

    Space is a challenging subject to teach, so a good subject for the first “Ways to Teach…” of this academic year. Thomas and Robin start with a look at some physics in the news. The proton is smaller than we thought! About 5% smaller which will make it even harder to find one if you…

  • Girls in to Physics II

    Girls in to Physics II

    Thomas and Robin return after an extended break to talk A-level expectations, girls in physics and strategies for inclusion.

  • Big Classes, Small Classes and Thank Yous

    Big Classes, Small Classes and Thank Yous

    New year, new groups and tips to get underway. All this and an interview with the force of nature that is Professor Averil MacDonald. It can only be a brand new season of TPTP.

  • Season 3 Finale!

    Season 3 Finale!

    Well, we made it. What. A. Year. Robin and Thomas hook up with Patrick Kaplo to hear about how he has been getting on in the North Eastern USA and, as usual, get somewhat distracted. Thomas nobly tries to steer the whimsical chat towards physics teaching with limited success. Patrick had to cancel his extraordinary…

  • We ❤️ the Vernier Scale

    We ❤️ the Vernier Scale

    Thomas has received a shiny new Travelling Microscope with a 0.01 mm precision vernier scale. There is only one thing he wants to talk about. First Thomas talks briefly avbout his 205 mile (329km) ride for Education Support (the only UK charity dedicated to the mental health and wellbeing of education staff in schools, colleges…

  • (Why) We Love Physics (Teaching)

    100 official episodes! Who would have expected it? We hook up on a beautiful day in Essex to talk about why we love Physics and go off on a series of tangents.

  • Bad Movies for Good Lessons

    Bad Movies for Good Lessons

    The aim is to talk through ones people suggest that are actually usable in lessons. As usual we get excited and make a few mistakes. Thomas is pretty sure that aeroplanes are made of aluminium, not steel and there were a few mentioned (Ant Man, Hulk) that we forgot to cover.

  • Techognition


    Thomas and Robin are joined by Paul Cook, senior lead technician at Ark Burlington Danes Academy and lead technician for the Ark Academy network. Paul gives us his top tips on how to get the most out of your relationship with your technician.

  • The Joy of Simple Things (Colour and Light)

    The Joy of Simple Things (Colour and Light)

    A short chat about the joy of teaching classic ideas with simple props like light boxes, mirrors and lenses. Now we’d better get back to that CAG marking. Links Colour and Colour Filters (YouTube – Physics Online) Feynman and a mirror (YouTube) Sorry, at the time of publishing we can’t find a link for the…