About Us

Thomas and Robin

Thomas W-P

Thomas has been a Physics teacher since 1992 but had a sabbatical from 1995-2004 where he backpacked to Nairobi and then played at being a management consultant. He has successfully avoided nearly all managerial responsibility over the years. Thomas currently works part-time, just teaching A level Physics, at a large Academy where he is currently the only physics specialist. He still gets things wrong. Physics is hard.

Thomas is not super keen on social media, but can be found on Instagram as @mr_wp_physics.

Robin Griffiths

Robin taught Physics for 9 years in comprehensive schools in the East of England, including spells as Head of Physics and Head of Science.  He is now proud to lead the teacher support programme at the Institute of Physics.  Podcast views are definitely his own, and in no way endorsed by the IOP.

Robin lives in Essex with his much cleverer wife and 2 children. He tweets (“like an old man” according to his daughter) as @RobinSGriffiths.  He still gets things wrong.  Very wrong… oh boy…