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  • Techognition

    Thomas and Robin are joined by Paul Cook, senior lead technician at Ark Burlington Danes Academy and lead technician for the Ark Academy network. Paul gives us his top tips on how to get the most out of your relationship with your technician.

  • The Joy of Simple Things (Colour and Light)

    A short chat about the joy of teaching classic ideas with simple props like light boxes, mirrors and lenses. Now we’d better get back to that CAG marking. Links Colour […]

  • TAG, Mass and Weight

    Thomas and Robin discuss a few strategies you might use to help you assess your exam groups in physics, as well as grappling with pervasive mass-weight confusion.

  • Playing with Beats

    Thomas was interested in how the brain makes its own beat, and put together this little sound test. You'll need headphones to appreciate it properly, but it is interesting to listen to on speakers as well.

  • Ways to teach… Sound (ish)

    Loosely focused on KS3 (but when have we ever stuck to the brief), this episode looks at ways to teach sound with David Cotton, the most enthusiastic proponent of the topic.

  • GCSE Long Answers and

    We are delighted to be joined by Mark Robinson (@mark_robo) who has had some deep thoughts about how to write and mark questions. So much so that he has taught a computer to do it for him and you can use it too!

  • Covid Legacies: helping trainee teachers

    We are delighted to be joined by the inspirational David Cotton to talk about supporting trainees who have missed out so much during the pandemic.

  • Covid Positives

    Thomas and Robin are joined by Patrick Kaplo from Wyndham, New Hampshire to follow up on a question he asked way back at the beginning of the Covid crisis, namely "How will this change our practice?"

  • Literacy for Physics

    We are delighted to be joined once more by Friend of the Podcast and Physics Teacher Support Polymath Carole Kenrick (@HelpfulScience) to talk about writing in Physics. Carole has put […]

  • The definitive GCSE core practical guide…

    We are so privileged this week to be joined by Christina Astin. She wears so many hats she would keep a division of milliners employed, but she kindly talks us through some of her most recent and most important work.