What the Ogden Trust can do for you

Thomas is fresh off the chunnel from Belgium and can’t wait to share exciting news that is nothing at all to do with Physics Teaching (sorry) – he’s been cycling and staying with a World Champion cyclist, Johan Museeuw. As you will see from the picture below M. Museeuw was less excited to meet his number one fans… until of course he found out that one of them was a world-famous podcaster. Rumours that we are doing a “Ways to Teach… stalking” are entirely untrue…

When we get Thomas back on to physics teaching we steer (like a world-champion Belgian cyclist) back on to more familiar territory. Robin was privileged to talk to Claire Harvey and Jackie Flaherty from The Ogden Trust. (@ogdentrust).

We are flummoxed as to how we managed to get this far without talking about the Ogden Trust: it’s a fabulous organisation which – amongst myriad other things – provides non-specialists with the completely free training to become specialist physics teachers on their SKPT (Subject knowledge for Physics Teaching) programme.

Jackie will be back soon to help with a Ways to Teach… Atomic Physics – if you have any suggestions for this please contact us using the form down below, contact@thephysicsteachingpodcast.com or via twitter @physicstp.

Oh, and if you fancy dusting off your Teltron tubes… the set-up for measuring the specific charge (ratio of the charge to the mass, e/m) of the electron is below.

Thomas, Charlie Gilbank (friend of the podcast) and a nonplussed Johan Museeuw (cycling royalty)

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