GCSE Long Answers and MyMarkingMachine.com

We first met tonight’s podcast guest in a different world. A time of handshakes, going to places like offices and restaurants (places to work and eat in case you’ve forgotten). Back then, he was just setting out on his journey investigating how AI can help with student assessment. We were excited, and so we are delighted to be joined by Mark Robinson (@mark_robo) of mymarkingmachine.com.

Mark has been developing his AI marking system for two years now, so he has though more deeply than most about, assessment and how students construct a good answer to a written question, so when he heard our discussion with Carole Kenrick a couple of weeks ago, he got in touch to talk us through some of the methods he uses to put Carole’s recommendations into practice. Check out the FIFA method in the links section below. If you want to know more, you can catch up with Mark at the IOP online teaching CPD which we’ve linked to below.

Mark’s AI marking machine is now online, so check out the links below and sign up to try it – you’ll be impressed! Mark has added something new to the mix: the ability to provide students with instant feedback, on demand, but leaving the teacher free to target their support where it is most needed.

Oh, and anyone fancy seeing a floating tanker? Some nice physics for our class with a discussion of a “superior mirage” that caused an oil tanker to appear to float above the horizon.



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