That Einstein Fellow

Thomas and Robin were bowled over to hear from the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow 2023-24. Thomas caught up with Michael Stewart to talk about the amazing opportunity he has had to be involved with Education policy at the highest levels in the USA.

Michael reminded Thomas about an episode in 2021 (GCSE Long Answers and in which Mark Robinson talked about a structured way to address questions: PVsELS. Thomas has run with this and renamed it the “DVEL’S in the Detail” to help his students process their way through questions.

Robin had already returned to work and was teaching radioactivity. Check out the links for some fun radioactivity sites, and also a reminder of friend-of-the-podcast Richard Brock’s stories, including the origin of the Banana Equivalent Dose (no, really – it’s a thing!)

Don’t forget: if you want to hear it, let us know!


Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship

Richard Brock’s Stories from Physics: Weird Units and Wonderful Measures

The xkcd Radiation Dose Chart

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