NUSTEM – helping you find context for the physics

With Robin back from holiday we meet a non-specialist hero, setting off to teach Physics and have a long interview with Carol Davenport from NUStem who are working to encourage young people to choose science as their future careers including their website that links KS3 topics with real careers.


  • Intros @ 00:23
  • Charlie the non-specialist’s audio diary @ 1:50
  • nustem and Carol Davenport @ 05:24
    • Post interview chat @ 17:00
  • First lesson redux @ 19:20
    • Thomas made Patrick’s Black Box @ 20:10
    • Chatting about Science never being definite @20:44
  • Robin’s teaching this year @ 22:20
  • Contact the podcast @ 25:36


Patrick Kaplo is unavailable this week but sleep-deprived Robin is back from Canada! Robin is now delighted to be back in the classroom after two years at the IoP. We kick off with bold PE teacher Charlie Gilbank who is setting off on his Physics teaching journey. He listened to Episode 30 – Teaching Forces to 11 Year Olds before planning his first couple of lessons. Watch this space and we will reveal the highs and further highs of Charlie’s year ahead.

We’re delighted to welcome Dr Carol Davenport from NUSTEM to the podcast this week. Carol is a seasoned physics teacher and academic with an incisive grasp of what makes for good physics teaching. We’re so grateful that she made time to talk to us.

” NUSTEM aims to support children, young people, and their key influencers, to help them make informed choices about STEM careers. We do this by helping them to experience the fascination and enjoyment to be found in STEM, and by working to increase their science capital. ”
Black box

NUSTEM does a wide variety of things both in the Primary and Secondary sectors. One of them is something Thomas asked for after hearing from Jessica Rowson in Episode 4 – Why don’t more Girls choose Physics?, namely a web site to match (KS3) Physics topics with careers.

Finally Thomas reveals he made Patrick Kaplo’s black box and plans to use it in his first lesson.

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