9. Mentors, Motors and Merch

Robin hadn’t heard about the recent Falcon landing failure so Thomas filled him in.  Cutting-edge space technology is still frontier science: we need your students to be the engineers of tomorrow!  Regular listeners will know how much Matt Groening influences the podcast, and just in time fro Christmas, we have launched our first ‘merch’, setting up a shop on the web site.  A shop where you can buy the T-Shirt? Yes, all your Christmas present problems are solved!  Listen out for a secret (??) code that allows you to get your shirt at cost. This time next year we may be stocking TPTP box sets and underpants: our ambition knows no limits.

Care in the community…

Physics teachers can be empathetic too! Robin worries about how hard this time of year can be, and especially for young-in-service teachers and the terrific Jo Kent draws on her wealth of experience to give her advice. She highlights how an empathetic ear can make all the difference, and on a more practical note, how networking can help to build communities.  She specifically mentions TalkPhysics and Thomas compares it to PTNC. (The IoP has a page where several other ways of networking are listed). Jo goes on to tell us about her Pint Pot Motors in a Practical In Memoriam. Below you can see the images she talks about below and she also sent us her PowerPoint and the video her father made.

It remains a privilege and a joy making this podcast for you.  We love hearing from you and you are a very big part of the adventure; guide us, tell us what you want to hear about. It really is your podcast, so please get in touch: teachers of physics are our very favourite superheroes! 

Jo’s Pictorial Instructions

A Working Motor

The Motor Jo’s Dad made:

Also Thomas made the motor and shared it on Twitter:

Join in!

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