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  • James de Winter is Electric

    Season 3 continues to deliver physics royalty as James de Winter joins us. James is the physics tutor on the Cambridge PGCE course and has seen generations of physics teachers through their training. Having met a fair sample I can say that all of them hold James in the sort of reverence that Luke reserved for Obi Wan.

  • 10. Ways to teach… Electricity

    Merry Christmas Physics teachers!  In a bumper festive edition, Thomas and Robin have rounded up your ideas and tips on how to teach electricity.  It’s quite rare to reach a […]

  • Using The Rope Model of Electricity

    In the next podcast we inevitably talk about the rope model. I tried it a few times in the past and hated it ?. It was only in making the […]

  • 9. Mentors, Motors and Merch

    Robin hadn’t heard about the recent Falcon landing failure so Thomas filled him in.  Cutting-edge space technology is still frontier science: we need your students to be the engineers of tomorrow!  […]