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  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    Polymath Dr David Boyce joins Thomas and Robin to discuss the first of three potentially transformative developments in physics education… can 3d printing help you teach physics?

  • A Couple More Nuggets

    A Couple More Nuggets

    Thomas doesn’t know which week it is; thinking there is one more week of term he drags Robin to his garage to test some vacuum cannon upgrades. Thomas and Robin also look backwards and forwards though the podcast’s second season. A Tight Collar Thomas has been experimenting with the collars that are used to join…

  • Uses for a Vacuum Cannon and Deconstruction of Energy

    Uses for a Vacuum Cannon and Deconstruction of Energy

    Happy New Year! Thomas and Robin reflect on some questions from the Dulwich IoP Physics Conference and are joined by Patrick Kaplo to talk about uses for the Vacuum Cannon and whether teaching just two energy stores is the way forward. Timestamps New Year Resolutions @ 00:35 We’re going on tour! @ 03:51 Uses for…

  • 19. The “New” Model of Energy

    19. The “New” Model of Energy

    Thomas and Robin feel the pain of Physics teachers all over the UK and attempt to get to grips with the new model of energy as promoted by the IoP. No more energy types, just energy stores that increase and decrease in magnitude and transfer processes that are allowed by the energy differences. Timestamps Philae…

  • Vacuum Cannon Tips

    Vacuum Cannon Tips

    After sending out a few cannons, I decided to send out a “Tips” sheet in the cannon packaging to help people get started. I’m reproducing it here for those who didn’t get it: Vacuum Cannon Tips The pipe suppliers are used to providing for large scale filtration systems. They care not about little nicks and…

  • 16. The Vacuum Cannon!

    16. The Vacuum Cannon!

    Thomas, Robin and Patrick Kaplo discuss the amazing vacuum cannon and how it can be used to make physics thrilling. The cannon is now available in the shop. Buy it and you’ll be supporting the podcast while you have a BLAST! It is half term next week in the UK so it will be two…

  • Making a Vacuum Cannon

    The Tube The tube does not need to be super strong (the tape will fail long before the tube), but it does need to be close in diameter to a table-tennis ball (40mm). The right tube is known as Imperial 1½ inch PVC, common in the USA but not so much in the UK. I…

  • Selling a Vacuum Cannon

    Selling a Vacuum Cannon

    We are selling Vacuum Cannons in the shop. I am setting it up with some trepidation: if nobody buys one I will be several tens of pounds out of pocket. If everyone buys one I will be unable to make them fast enough to keep up with demand. Of course, the most likely thing is…