Basic Vacuum Cannon


Basic vacuum cannon with all you need to get started: tapped tube, valve, tape and 24 balls.

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N.B. Due to poor planning on Thomas’ part, we release the episode and hence the vacuum cannon just before half term. Thomas is away all week, so any orders won’t be shipped until the following week, starting 25th February. For this reason you *should* get a notification that you are on back order if you buy one.

Don’t forget you can support the podcast by buying the Supporter’s Add-On for the cannon that gives a £5 donation and some extra features for the cannon.

A basic vacuum cannon. This kit contains:

  • A 1m long 1½ inch imperial PVC pressure tube with both ends lovingly smoothed off by Thomas with superfine finishing paper.
  • A tapped ⅛” BSPT (taper) female hole
  • A ⅛” BSPT (taper) male threaded nylon elbow valve. (The valve tube has a diameter of 6mm, perfect for rubber pressure tubing with 5mm internal.)*
  • One roll of 3″ (extra wide) packing tape.
  • 23 practise table tennis balls (as many as can fit in the tube)
  • Free Postage and Packing to the UK (Hermes) with the discount code BOOM. If you are outside the UK, please work out what a 1m × 10cm × 10cm package would cost to ship to you from the UK, then contact us through the form below if you want to go ahead. Alternatively, check out Thomas’ blog post about how to build one.
  • If you are outside the UK and make an order without contacting us then we will have to refund you less the PayPal charges we incur. Sorry.

N.B. To get the free P&P to the UK you MUST enter the discount code BOOM at the checkout. If you don’t then you are effectively donating us £2 extra, so thank you if you choose that option.

CLEAPSS Guidance on Safety

This is a screen capture from the official CLEAPSS document. If you purchase this you must take responsibility for firing it and make your own risk assessment.


*A ⅛” BSPT (taper) male threaded shrader valve (mentioned in the CLEAPSS document) should screw perfectly in to this hole. If enough people want one, I will add it as an option. Contact me through the form below:


For the record, when you take in to account the postal charges for the components, buying the tap and tapping wrench, PayPal charges on the purchase etc. then we will have covered our costs when if we sell ten cannons. After that, you are making a small donation to the podcasting costs, for which we thank you.

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Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm