Bits and Bobs

Robin asks Thomas what the bits and bobs were he sent home to his A-Level students. What would you send? Tell us by tweeting @physictp #tptpbitsandbobs


Thanks to Frank Noschese for pointing us at the “String and Sticky Tape Physics” PDFs: and .

We also mentioned Laura Pankratz’s speed of sound measurements with a bottle. There are similar experiments here and here If anyone can find a good set of instructions for how to do the measurements with home kit (and video it pleeease ) then we would love to promote it!

Also, we couldn’t find the experiment Thomas refers to where you tie weights together so that they pull the next one off a drop and end up with string spacing such that the sounds of the weights hitting the floor are regular. If you can come up with a good story as to how this might work at home, let us know!

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