CLEAPSS, The Physics Teacher’s Best Friend (and a few Loose Ends)

We have a final missive from Charlie, the response to WTT Ionising Radiation and an Interview with Samir from CLEAPSS.

S02E10 Timestamps

  • Thank you for the jam, Stuart Farmer @ 00:49
  • Update from Charlie @ 01:15
  • We love Chemistry and we have imposter Syndrome @ 5:03
  • Follow up to Ways to teach… Ionising Radiation @ 07:54
  • Freebie from Lewis Matheson of A-Level and GCSE Physics online @13:38
  • CLEAPSS @ 15:30
  • Visiting CERN – please send in ideas @ 29:50


We have been a bit remiss n keeping up to date with things over the last couple of episodes, so we make amends by catching up with Charlie, who has had some success with his pupils taking physics from the classroom to the rugby pitch. Next we catch up on the Ways to teach… Ionising Radiation episode: we missed a couple of contributions and had an interesting follow up email from Friend of the Podcast, John Hamilton grumbling about gamma.

Friend of the podcast, Lewis Matheson of has an offer for Physics Teachers – unlimited access to his new until December 20th Lewis said in his email to us:

My GCSE Physics website is getting there – 329 videos on the site and many more planned. If listeners want to have a look themselves then I’ll leave a free login until December 20th: username <strong><a rel=”noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank"></a></strong> and the password tptp . If they’d like to buy it for their school then should just email me at <strong></strong> and I’ll sort that out for them (it’s not being widely advertised on the website at this time).

Lewis Matheson

Royal Society of Chemistry Teach Chemistry website gets a shout out, as does the Gatsby research and advice on practical work. before we meet Samir from CLEAPSS. Finally we ask for your tips on trips to CERN.

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