Thomas and Robin are joined by IoP Misconceptions expert, Alex Mathie.


  • Introductions @ 00:15
  • Physics in the News @ 01:25
  • Misconceptions @ 02:47
    • Mistake vs Misconception @ 03:00
    • Why are misconceptions important in physics? @ 04:07
    • Examples of misconceptions @ 06:27
    • Models and misconceptions @ 08:55
    • Addressing misconceptions @ 10:33
    • IoP Spark and misconceptions @ 15:50
    • PIPER @ 24:37
    • What could a teacher do tomorrow to address misconceptions? @ 26:17
  • Physics and Philosophy @ 30:10


What is it that makes physics a unique teaching challenge? Well dealing with misconceptions must be one of the prime candidates. More than perhaps any other subject, physics students end up with some stubbornly embedded ideas that might be along the right lines but are definitely on the wrong track.

No misconceptions about the running order though as we kick off with Physics in the News. Thomas stayed close to home this week, with two local stories that are physics related. Sonic boom over Suffolk and child rescued from hot car. Robin then introduces Alex Mathie who works with IoP Spark and PIPER (Practical Implications of Physics Education Research). Here are a few things we mentioned:

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