2. A New Physics Teacher

We made it to Episode two! Thank you for coming back, or a very warm welcome if you’ve just joined us. In this episode:

  • Secret identity: Robin finally gets round to introducing himself
  • Out of this world: Thomas tells Robin about the recent exomoon discovery
  • Goldfinger: Thomas will not make it as a Bond villain.  He couldn’t pop a balloon with the school’s 1mW laser. Can you help him  in his quest?
  • A New Hope: We talk to Imogen, a first year Physics teacher, about the joy of doing something new in the classroom.
  • Journey and Destination: Imogen explains her path to teaching, what she is enjoying and some of the challenges she faces
  • Stores and transfers: Thomas’ cracking contraption – or continuous flow calorimeter, if you like – gets the podcast once-over

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Fudged together continuous flow calorimeter.
Continuous Flow Calorimeter; more heaters needed at this point!

Join in!

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