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  • Become a YouTuber

    Rachel tells us what she's learned about getting yourself online. Empowering stuff and some great advice from Rachel about how to make a resource that will be of lasting value in your classroom.

  • Ways to teach Physics… Remotely

    So much has happened in such a short time, Thomas and Robin decide to talk to some experts about how to support their students remotely. YouTube is a great resource, but also Physics teachers all over the World are cooperating and sharing. The podcast scrapes the surface of this but we get some good advice along the way.

  • 24. YouTuber Lewis Matheson and A Level Physics On-Line

    Lewis Matheson tells how he gave up classroom teaching to become a YouTuber with his channel A-Level Physics On-Line. Timestamps Ways to Teach… Waves reminder and new competition @ 01:18 […]