Ways to teach Physics… Remotely


Thomas and Robin summarise the advice they have been given about teaching remotely.


So much has happened in such a short time, Thomas and Robin decide to talk to some experts about how to support their students remotely. YouTube is a great resource, but also Physics teachers all over the World are cooperating and sharing. The podcast scrapes the surface of this but we get some good advice along the way.

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24. YouTuber Lewis Matheson and A Level Physics On-Line

Lewis Matheson tells how he gave up classroom teaching to become a YouTuber with his channel A-Level Physics On-Line.


  • Ways to Teach… Waves reminder and new competition @ 01:18
  • Physics in the News: Accelerating Universe Expansion @ 02:31
  • Lewis Matheson interview @ 05:56
  • Post Interview chat @ 21:49


Physics in the news this week is the improvement of the evidence that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. This leads to discussion of how distant galaxies are going to disappear over time, but also the Infrared Catastrophe. The main interview is with Lewis Matheson, ex-Physics teacher who is now a full-time podcaster with his website A Level Physics On-Line and its related YouTube Channels.

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