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  • 23. Minds-On as well as Hands-On: Alom Shaha

    Alom Shaha talks about his book “Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder”, his love of Practical, the videos he makes to support teachers and equality. Timestamps Physics in the News: Black […]

  • 8. Venn Hats, Meows and a Mysterious Tube

    As David Bowie once mused “Is there seismic activity on Mars?” ( I think that’s what he said…), and who are we to argue?  So we kicked off discussing NASA Mars […]

  • 7. Ben, Big Ideas and beginnings

    Thomas and Robin talk about the podcast’s roots and where it all started, to help all teachers of physics to feel a sense of professional community. You can help by […]

  • Entries! and Momentum Round-Up

    We put out the competition not really knowing quite what to expect. Four entries before 8:15am was an exciting start to the day though as I write at 4:30pm it […]

  • Interact and Win a T-Shirt!

    Now we have listeners, and an Instagram page (@physics_teaching_podcast) we thought we would encourage you to share the podcast by having our first competition. Join us at the bottom of an exponential by […]