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  • New to A-Level

    New to A-Level

    Ruth Cheesman returns to talk about her first few weeks of A-Level teaching. Below you can find Thomas’ PowerPoint that explains how to do the mass of a 1m ruler. Join in! Please share ideas or successes – or indeed questions – on our Facebook Page: https://fb.me/physicstp .  You can also message us via our website contact […]

  • Ways to teach… The Start of A-Level Physics (16+)

    Ways to teach… The Start of A-Level Physics (16+)

    Thomas and Robin return after an extended break, inspired by a Tweet from Ruth Cheesman, who joins us to ask for tips to get started with her A-level class this week (good luck Ruth!). We also welcome Sarah Dowd to help answer Ruth’s query, Sarah teaches at UNIS in New York and joins to share her practice in the first of two upcoming appearances (she’ll be back in a few weeks to talk ChatPhysics!)

  • A-Level RP: Specific Heat Capacity

    A-Level RP: Specific Heat Capacity

    Robin and Thomas are joined by Rajani Nair (@NairPhysics), (who before answering our tweet had not heard of the podcast) and who shares her ideas about teaching Specific Heat Capacity at A-Level. She also has a wonderful memorable practical which involves throwing eggs. We are then joined by James de Winter in a (hopefully) regular slot “Dispatches with de Winter” where he talks about the book 5 Easy Lessons.

  • Ways to teach Physics… Remotely

    Ways to teach Physics… Remotely

    So much has happened in such a short time, Thomas and Robin decide to talk to some experts about how to support their students remotely. YouTube is a great resource, but also Physics teachers all over the World are cooperating and sharing. The podcast scrapes the surface of this but we get some good advice along the way.