Podcast Publish Fails

I think I am getting a bit blasé about publishing, two fails in two weeks. ?

When I create a Podcast Post I have to do three main jobs for the podcast to release properly:

  1. Upload and attach the mp3
  2. Tell the Post when to go live (5:00am on the next term-time Thursday – an arbitrary choice that I have stuck to)
  3. Tell the Post it is a Podcast Episode (rather than a blog etc.)

Last week I failed at #2, this week I failed with #3. Both cases were because I changed the auto-tweet text. For some reason you have to completely start again from scratch if you want to change the release auto-tweet. This means copying and pasting all the content in to a new page, usually late at night, usually a bit frustrated…

I am making a checklist now. #1 is

“Check the damn tweet doesn’t have a spelling mistake!”

Enough procrastination. I have a pile of lab books to mark. ?