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  • Ways To Teach… Under Covid Restrictions

    Thank you so much for making such a great job of teaching with the Covid restrictions! Given the circumstances, schools have done an extraordinary job, and this episode shows how teachers will always find a silver lining. We get a raft of ideas from folk turning the situation to their advantage; for example using visualisers to zero in on the crucial points of practicals, using OneNote to 'write' equations for you... we could go on.

  • Ways to teach… Ionising radiation

    Listeners have been more than generous with some tips for ionising radiation and how to teach it. Thomas, Robin and Patrick introduce some great ideas and discuss how to put […]

  • Ways to teach… Waves

    Thomas, Robin and Patrick introduce and discuss many ways of teaching waves that have been shared by the listener. Timestamps Physics in the News – Blue Origin @ 01:07 Ways […]