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  • Learning about remote learning…

    Learning about remote learning…

    Patrick, Thomas and Robin try out zoom. Patrick tells us hhis successes and failures and gives Thomas the top tip of zoom breakout rooms. Thomas is clueless about what to do with Year 7 and asks for advice. Thomas then chats with Emma Brown in Shanghai who has to teach classes of 70+ online. She has some good advice about using video and ways of checking the kids are engaged. Finally Thomas and Robin report back about how they got on and Thomas gives an update on his collaboration with Helen Reynolds making a resource site for Physics teachers.

  • 25. Fusion, Triangular Teaching and Avoiding Dead Leaves

    25. Fusion, Triangular Teaching and Avoiding Dead Leaves

    Thomas, Robin and Patrick Kaplo discuss the re-release of the vacuum cannon, the ITER fusion project, Prof W Brian Lane tells us his PIM and James De Winter talks about avoiding “Plugging and Chugging”. Timestamps Welcome back Patrick Kaplo @ 00:37 The Vacuum Cannon is back @ 01:10 Physics in the news: ITER and fusion […]