Tag: Lockdown

  • Covid Positives

    Covid Positives

    Thomas and Robin are joined by Patrick Kaplo from Wyndham, New Hampshire to follow up on a question he asked way back at the beginning of the Covid crisis, namely “How will this change our practice?”

  • nearpod


    Will introduces us to Nearpod which is a beautifully designed teaching aid that has lots of excellent features to help you with AFL during lockdown.

  • Another Lockdown Lowdown

    Another Lockdown Lowdown

    Thomas and Robin chew the fat over how they are progressing in the new lockdown. We’ve been thinking about how to backfill gaps in the curriculum, in particular practical work. We have been making use of YouTube to draw on the generosity of colleagues who have filmed and uploaded videos, for example MissLowePhysics who we’ve…

  • Good enough is good enough.

    Good enough is good enough.

    Thomas and Robin return to talk survival as we lock down again. With many teachers now doing hybrid teaching, we discuss strategies for keeping sane.

  • Lockdown Lessons Learned

    Lockdown Lessons Learned

    Thomas and Robin have heard some strange tales of what is going on in different schools. Virtual learning walks sounds like unnecessary stress at this strange time and what about detentions for the kids if they don’t turn up on-line? They have had some success with Teams and discuss how they are trying to set…