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  • Newton’s Laws for Non-Specialists

    Newton’s Laws for Non-Specialists

    Thomas and Robin are joined by our original guest – Jessica Rowson from episode 1 returns to talk Newton’s laws and how we would teach them and in what order.

  • IoP Domains

    IoP Domains

    The Nobel Prize is still the ultimate accolade and viewed with envy by the fields that don’t have a Nobel Prize (in your face, maths!). This week we start by congratulating the three winners of the 2020 physics prize: Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez, before talking to FoTP, Carole Kenrick about Domains and…

  • Force or False (Forces @ Primary School)

    Force or False (Forces @ Primary School)

    Ex -colleague and ex-colleague Andy Harrison is writing a scheme of work for Primary Science and asks Thomas and Robin to help him with his understanding of forces. S02E09 Timestamps What’s a force? @ 02:40 Gravity @ 04:20 Electrostatics @ 08:20 Reaction/Support force @ 17:30 Energy @ 21:12 Summary Ex-colleague Andy Harrison reached out to…

  • Teaching Forces to 11 Year olds

    Teaching Forces to 11 Year olds

    Thomas and Robin try something else new. Discussing how they would teach the first three lessons on Forces to 11 year olds. Timestamps IoP Spark @ 00:37 How would you teach forces to 11 year olds? @ 05:00 Guidance for a non-specialist @ 21:10 Summary Robin and Thomas were back to basics this week.  With…