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  • Ways To Teach… Under Covid Restrictions

    Ways To Teach… Under Covid Restrictions

    Thank you so much for making such a great job of teaching with the Covid restrictions! Given the circumstances, schools have done an extraordinary job, and this episode shows how teachers will always find a silver lining. We get a raft of ideas from folk turning the situation to their advantage; for example using visualisers…

  • First Thoughts on Covid “Secure” Teaching

    First Thoughts on Covid “Secure” Teaching

    Robin and Thomas reflect on a first week back under the new covid guidelines and find time to talk through a simple required practical – timing a trolley rolling down a ramp.

  • Lockdown Lessons Learned

    Lockdown Lessons Learned

    Thomas and Robin have heard some strange tales of what is going on in different schools. Virtual learning walks sounds like unnecessary stress at this strange time and what about detentions for the kids if they don’t turn up on-line? They have had some success with Teams and discuss how they are trying to set…