Tight Fit Collar for vacuum cannon – ready for DIY improvements


A joining collar for the pipe that can be used in several ways if you are prepared to do a little DIY or have a friendly tech department.

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This is designed to join two pieces of vacuum cannon pipe together when they are used for high pressure fluids. It is a very close fit to the cannon and can be used in many ways if you are of the DIY persuasion or have a friendly technology department.

The collar fits very tightly, and will make an vacuum proof seal itslef if you put one layer of tape around the cannon. There is a ridge in the middle of the collar that is about 0.5mm bigger than a table tennis ball. I tried filing out this ridge in a couple of the ones in stock (not that the ball would realise that difference at the pressures in the cannon)- but then realised the best use is to cut the collar in to slices.

  1. Quick reloading – cut the collar in to slices and have the ability to quickly retape the cannon. Make four slices and have a pair being retaped whilst a pair is used.
  2. Buy two and use a piece of tape over the ends of the cannon to get a vacuum tight seal. (That tape does degrade over time – but we also found that you sometimes get a vacuum tight seal with them on the bare tube.
  3. Support for flanges. If you have made flanges (the gold standard) then this can strengthen the bond beween flange and cannon.

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A slice of the collar
The collar taped up as a flange
The collar supporting a flange
The Gold Standard Flange

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