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  • 5. Models, marbles and marvels…

    In a bumper 5th episode, we chat to Stuart Farmer, self-proclaimed “Listener Number 2” about a brilliant visualisation of uncertainty.  In keeping with parsimonious podcast principles, Stuart’s practical involves nothing […]

  • 4. Why Don’t More Girls Choose Physics?

    Thomas and Robin try to find A New Hope in Episode 4 by addressing the perennial problem of the small proportion of girls choosing A Level Physics.  In this Episode: […]

  • 3. Reading, Research and Reversing Through Time

    The latest outing for Thomas and Robin in the world’s foremost (only?) podcast for teachers of physics talks about the weighty issues for physics teachers everywhere. In this thrill-packed episode… […]

  • Thinking back to when I started

    Talking to Imogen for the new podcast has made me think back to when I started. I remember very well how I was only a few years older than the […]

  • 2. A New Physics Teacher

    We made it to Episode two! Thank you for coming back, or a very warm welcome if you’ve just joined us. In this episode: Secret identity: Robin finally gets round […]

  • “Air Is Heavy”

    After mentioning my memories of my first physics experiment I decided to look for that exercise book. I turned the house upside down a couple of times looking for the […]

  • 1. Balloons!

    Thomas and Robin sincerely hope you enjoyed the first episode of the physics teaching podcast, and that you are enthused to do some more practical work in your classroom.  The […]

  • Tick-Tock

    So, the first podcast will go live at 5:00am tomorrow. Arbitrary timing I know, but it gives us time to panic in the night and pull the plug on this […]

  • Steep learning curve

    Wow. My respect for podcasters grows daily. We have done much testing in the last week or so and found that our backup solution for interview (Skype) could give very […]

  • Early Days

    Robin and I have been talking about doing a podcast for a while, but now we appear to have committed. We are on a terribly steep learning curve and the […]