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  • Kicking a Rock on the Moon

    In Episode 6 I mentioned a thought experiment with a concrete-filled rugby ball. I have used this model for years and knew it came from a text book long ago […]

  • 7. Ben, Big Ideas and beginnings

    Thomas and Robin talk about the podcast’s roots and where it all started, to help all teachers of physics to feel a sense of professional community. You can help by […]

  • Entries! and Momentum Round-Up

    We put out the competition not really knowing quite what to expect. Four entries before 8:15am was an exciting start to the day though as I write at 4:30pm it […]

  • Thomas and Robin

    6. What happens when your jelly won’t hold your weight? Is it time to lose some mass?

    Thomas and Robin got together in the same room for a chat this week. Don’t worry, as a good physicist and a good engineer they avoided eye contact*. The big […]

  • Interact and Win a T-Shirt!

    Now we have listeners, and an Instagram page (@physics_teaching_podcast) we thought we would encourage you to share the podcast by having our first competition. Join us at the bottom of an exponential by […]

  • Face to Face + Progress on Momentum

    I had found an excellent purveyor of T-shirts and as a joke got a couple made up with “I’m at the bottom of the exponential” for Robin and I to […]

  • Squeezing it all in + pondering momentum ?

    This week’s episode was a bumper edition, and we had to work hard to keep it down to just under 27 minutes. I really wanted to put in the Practicals […]

  • 5. Models, marbles and marvels…

    In a bumper 5th episode, we chat to Stuart Farmer, self-proclaimed “Listener Number 2” about a brilliant visualisation of uncertainty.  In keeping with parsimonious podcast principles, Stuart’s practical involves nothing […]

  • 4. Why Don’t More Girls Choose Physics?

    Thomas and Robin try to find A New Hope in Episode 4 by addressing the perennial problem of the small proportion of girls choosing A Level Physics.  In this Episode: […]

  • 3. Reading, Research and Reversing Through Time

    The latest outing for Thomas and Robin in the world’s foremost (only?) podcast for teachers of physics talks about the weighty issues for physics teachers everywhere. In this thrill-packed episode… […]