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  • 15. Water, Waves and Woodlice

    Sea slugs use physics to move up to 90 km a day. Who’d have known? In the main body of the podcast Robin talks to Nicky Thomas about teaching diffraction. […]

  • BL4S Logo

    14. Cataracts, Cameras and (CERN) Competitions

    Thomas and Robin respond to a request from a listener and investigate the BL4S Competition run by CERN. Win an all expenses trip to a high energy beam lab where […]

  • 13. Lasers, Labs and a Large(r) hadron collider

    Thomas and Robin had such fun talking to Patrick Kaplo (Episode 11) from Windham, New Hampshire that we talked to him again about his Challenge Labs. These are graded practicals […]

  • 12. Shrink-Rays, Spectrum and String…

    Thomas and Robin discuss (not) Shrink Rays and mysterious (not Alien) Space signals before getting on to the meat of the podcast: Teaching the EM Spectrum and using the simple question "How long is a piece of String?" to explore measurement, errors and uncertainty.

  • 11. Poppers, Pendulums and Pond-hopping

    The days are getting longer, and the monster Christmas term is behind us. Thomas and Robin refuse to let January blues dull the joy of physics teaching as they kick […]

  • 10. Ways to teach… Electricity

    Merry Christmas Physics teachers!  In a bumper festive edition, Thomas and Robin have rounded up your ideas and tips on how to teach electricity.  It’s quite rare to reach a […]

  • Using The Rope Model of Electricity

    In the next podcast we inevitably talk about the rope model. I tried it a few times in the past and hated it ?. It was only in making the […]

  • Somebody Out There Likes Us

    Robin and I started with very limited ambitions, it wasn’t quite “more listeners than presenters” but not far off. We agreed to do episodes until the end of the academic […]

  • 9. Mentors, Motors and Merch

    Robin hadn’t heard about the recent Falcon landing failure so Thomas filled him in.  Cutting-edge space technology is still frontier science: we need your students to be the engineers of tomorrow!  […]

  • 8. Venn Hats, Meows and a Mysterious Tube

    As David Bowie once mused “Is there seismic activity on Mars?” ( I think that’s what he said…), and who are we to argue?  So we kicked off discussing NASA Mars […]