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  • 20. Ways to teach… Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration

    The second “Ways to Teach” episode where we channel tips from our wonderfully generous contributors.  Teachers of Physics are heroes as we never tire of saying, and they have been […]

  • 19. The “New” Model of Energy

    Thomas and Robin feel the pain of Physics teachers all over the UK and attempt to get to grips with the new model of energy as promoted by the IoP. […]

  • 19.1 “New” Energy Model ~ Extended Interview with Tom Norris

    20 minutes of chat with Tom including him going in to more detail about the “New” model of energy. Join in! Please share ideas or successes – or indeed questions […]

  • Physics Teacher Sites

    9th April 2019: This blog post has been recreated as a Page: “Physics Teaching Sites” and any future updates will be made there. A non-exhuastive list of sites that have […]

  • 18. Spin, Shared Resources and Social Media

    Photographic Physics in the News (great for a podcast) before Paul Reynolds tells us about his web site, that started as a personal site for storing files for printing […]

  • Vacuum Cannon Tips

    After sending out a few cannons, I decided to send out a “Tips” sheet in the cannon packaging to help people get started. I’m reproducing it here for those who […]

  • 17. Smashing Neutrons, Supporting Non-Specialists and Surviving No Practicals

    Thomas and Robin chat about Kilonova (neutron star collisions that create heavy elements), ways of supporting non-specialists and what to do when practicals fail. Timestamps Neutron Stars and Kilonova @ […]

  • 16. The Vacuum Cannon!

    Thomas, Robin and Patrick Kaplo discuss the amazing vacuum cannon and how it can be used to make physics thrilling. The cannon is now available in the shop. Buy it […]

  • Making a Vacuum Cannon

    The Tube The tube does not need to be super strong (the tape will fail long before the tube), but it does need to be close in diameter to a […]

  • Selling a Vacuum Cannon

    We are selling Vacuum Cannons in the shop. I am setting it up with some trepidation: if nobody buys one I will be several tens of pounds out of pocket. […]