5. Models, Marbles and Marvels...

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5. Models, Marbles and Marvels...

Post by Thomas W-P » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:33 pm

Original Show Notes (plus listen to podcast)

In a bumper 5th episode, we chat to Stuart Farmer, self-proclaimed “Listener Number 2” about a brilliant visualisation of uncertainty. In keeping with parsimonious podcast principles, Stuart’s practical involves nothing more elaborate than a variety of marbles and some paper cups. You’ll love it!

Stuart introduced Thomas to the Perimeter Institute and their free resources for teachers.
TES has some excellent Teaching Resources, including Thomas’s Excel spreadsheet modelling superposition.
“Practicals in Memoriam” (PIM) is our new feature where we ask which practical you would like to be remembered for. Stuart told us about his wonderful marbles and cups experiment, and in a gesture typical of the generosity of physics teachers, he shared the handout for Advanced Higher (year 13) classes although he emphasised that this experiment does not really need worksheets.
Please do remember to rate and review us on iTunes and to tell your physics teaching friends (especially if they’ve been asked to teach physics, but wouldn’t call themselves physics teachers).
Stuart got in touch and told us about his favourite physics, and we would love to hear from you. Please share ideas or successes on our Facebook Page – https://fb.me/physicstp . You can also message us via our website https://the.physicsteachingpodcast.com, Twitter @physicstp, email using the address given in the podcast (if we remember) or by leaving a voice memo using WhatsApp or Telegram to the phone number in our Twitter profile, +44 7898 814716 (don’t call the number, nobody will answer, just hold down the microphone icon and speak your message). Don’t forget to tell us your name because we may use your audio in a future episode.

Once again, it has been joyous and enlightening making this podcast for you and we want you to be a part of it, so please get in touch: teachers of physics are our very favourite people in the World!

The music we use remains One legged equilibrist polka by Circus Homunculus.

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